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Sharing what's hot and what"s not in custom window treatments and home fashions.

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Ellen Stanford

Ellen Stanford

Initially a Fashion Designer, I brought my love of fabrics to the home fashion industry.  Creating beautiful window treatments for my customers is my passion!

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20190927 171811When choosing a window treatment, there are several parameters that will make your selection easier. It doesn't take long, even in a new home to figure out what needs to be accomplished by your window treatments.

  • Privacy ? How opaque does it need to be? Do you need it in the day, night or both?
  • Light control? Do you want to cut down glare on your tv or do you need total blackout for your bedroom?
  • Frame or mask a view? Do you want a beautiful frame around your water view or do you need to hide an eyesore in your neighbors yard?
  • Insulation?  Do you need to cover a chilly window or deaden the sound in a large cavernous space?
  • Decorative? Are you trying to add pizzazz or some color to a dull space? Are you  trying to add some architectural interest? 

Whatever you are trying to achieve, there are dozens of choices in Hard and Soft window treatments that can perfectly suit your requirements.  Uninformed choices can lead to expensive mistakes.  Working with an expert, like Ellen Sew N Sew,  will ensure you make the right choice! 


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GREAT NEWS!!!  We are now offering our clients Blinds, shades and Shutters to round out theblindsir window treatment needs.

After carefully researching the market, with an eye towards offering the customer the best value in a product that is made in the USA, We have added all manner of hard treatments to our product line... and so, our first such product....drum roll....

Pinnacle Faux Wood Blinds! 

  • They come in 3 colors, White, Off-White and Pearl.
  • They are routless (no holes in them for the strings, which makes them total privacy)
  • Custom sized at the factory
  • Inside or Outside mount
  • Matching 4 inch moulding style Valance
  • Fantastic PRICE!
  • Available for installation in 2 weeks!
  • Only $10 per blind to install!

And, if you want different colors or real wood...we have those too...call for a free in home estimate today!

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041 - Copy


Nothing is more dramatic than a before and after view of a window treatment.  In this case, the original custom made treatment from the previous homeowner just didn't fit in with the new owners decor and style.  It was a nice, well made treatment, but was frankly too flowery and dated looking for the new decor.    

So I took it down, recovered it and added the panels in a waterfall effect with some updated banding.  We also made a coordinating treatment for the sliding door around the corner in the dinette area.

The new fabric and coordinating solid complement the homeowner's decor much better and they love it!


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Vertical blinds look ste002rile and yet, here in Florida,  they are practical for controlling light...the question is how to make them attractive?

Why not add a sheer fabric wrap to cover the plastic vane?  The sheer is attached to the top of each vane and stabilized at the hem to maintain a sleek and contemporary look as they open and close.

The sheer can be removed for cleaning, giving this treatment a long life.

This is a great way to utalize existing blinds and keep the cost of an updated treatment down for the homeowner.

There are literally thousands of sheer fabrics that can be used to achieve this look.  Many of them are 118" wide which allows the fabric to be railroaded for a seamless application.   Sheers also come in many price ranges, which gives the customer a lot of bang for their buck.

This treatment can be the first building block in a multi layer window treatment.


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samples Excited for Fall! When I was a kid, the upcoming school year seemed to hold so much promise, new teachers, new friends to make and most important to me, new school clothes!

I always wanted my Mom to use my school clothes budget to buy me just a few key pieces to add to my wardrobe, then I would sew the rest. I poured over the fat September issues of Seventeen, Glamour and Vogue magazines for inspiration. My Mother loved fabric too, and she never said no to her daughters developing addiction. I could always get her to buy me fabric! This was a fact that escaped my sisters, but they didn't really care anyway, since most girls wore jeans and flannel shirts to school.

When my son was growing up, I loved the promise of school shopping...soon he would be back at class, I would have my days free. I did the "Mommy Dance of Joy" that accompanied the first day of school each year. I still enjoy getting "School Supplies" on sale to bolster my office stash.

Nowadays, I get excited because Fall means new fabric samples! One of these days, very soon, a big box will arrive unexpectedly at my door. It will be nice and heavy and when I open it, it will have so many new and beautiful fabrics inside to inspire me and my customers. "NEW SAMPLES" The promise of the latest the Home Decor Industry has to offer. The newest Colors, patterns and textures. All demanding a new level of creativity to use them in exciting and innovative ways. When I get jazzed about a new color scheme or pattern, it is infectious for my customers. When we freshen up the home before the winter arrives, it allows the extra time we spend in our nests that much more comfortable and cozy!

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Sheer ScarfSwags, once the mainstay of window treatment haute couture,  have bitten the dust and been replaced by more relaxed scarves. 

Scarves  can be draped on poles or over holdbacks placed around any shape of window. Only your imagination limits the possiblities.

Banding, as seen on this sheer linen-like fabric, in a contrasting color defines the beautiful cascading hem. 

Although it appears to be a straight panel of fabric, it actually has a shape built in to allow it to hang in a more pleasing swag than just a straight scarf. Weights added to the low points of the jabot section helps this light weight fabric hang just right.

It is all these little details that make a simple treatment like a scarf truly beautiful!

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